What is Luris?

Luris connects academics of Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) with the market and society at large, in order to make the most of their scientific knowledge.

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Who is Luris for?

Our main target groups are Leiden academics and industry & societal partners

Generate more research opportunities

Multidisciplinary partnerships are becoming the norm, and they are getting bigger and more complex. Luris supports academics from Leiden University, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and associated research clusters. It’s not our job  to create opportunities; you do that, and we make sure that none of the opportunities you create are missed. We manage transactions and interactions with partners in society and industry so that you as an academic can concentrate on what you do best.

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Improve your successes with Leiden knowledge

For societal partners and industry, Luris serves as the gateway to Leiden’s very best. By working as the vital link between the academic and the partner and by capitalizing on our experience with these interactions and transactions, we increase your chances of success.

For industry & societal partners

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