Funding Instruments: ELF Pre-seed & UNIIQ

ELF Pre-seed Fund

Do you have a creative, innovative idea for solving a problem? Do you need help developing it into a full business plan? Did you find a gap in the market and are you looking for ways to exploit it? Are you considering turning your brilliant idea into a start-up business, alone or with friends or associates?

Then apply to the ELF Pre-seed! ELF Pre-seed can help you and your idea grow, and can provide the financial and physical resources to turn your business idea into a solid business plan.

ELF Pre-seed gives you access to a network of relevant experts and contacts in Dutch and international companies and institutions, both within and outside Leiden. ELF Pre-seed assigns you to experienced business people who are prepared to coach you, act as a mentor and tell you how they did it.

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UNIIQ - Finance for the Future

You have been making some serious progress as a scientist entrepreneur, but at a certain point you find yourself in a gridlock. You lack the equipment to get your technology or knowledge onto the market, or there’s no money to deliver the proof of concept your financers are asking for. UNIIQ is a € 22 million investment fund that helps entrepreneurs in the region of Zuid Holland to get through this crucial phase.

UNIIQ combines the expertise and networks of three top Dutch universities and a regional development agency, where, on the one hand, universities introduce the necessary technological knowledge, and on the other hand, InnovationQuarter brings market knowledge, as well as an extensive network of private investors. This combination makes the ambition behind UNIIQ credible: Innovations come faster to market.

UNIIQ is an alliance between Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus MC. The Leiden University Valorisation Grant Programme has been transitioned into UNIIQ.

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