TechTalk - tackling Infectious diseases worldwide

Date: October 11
Time: 15.15 pm
Location: De Stal, Darwinweg 1, 2333 CR Leiden


* The research state of the art at CID
Prof.dr. Ed Kuijper (Medical Microbiology, LUMC)

* Research alliances in infectious diseases
Dr. Mariska Koster (The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, Johnson & Johnson)

* Controlled human infection models
Dr. Meta Roestenberg (Infectious Diseases, LUMC)

* Bacterial diagnostics
Dr. Gerold de Valk (CEO, BiosparQ B.V.)

* Pathogen glycans: targeting sweet spots in infectious disease
Prof.dr. Ron Hokke (Para glycoimmunology, LUMC)

* SAAPs - next generation antibiotics to fight global anti-microbial resistance
Leonie de Best (Chief Business Officer, Madam Therapeutics B.V.)

TechTalks is an initiative of Leiden Bio Science Park, Luris, LUMC/Boerhaave Nascholing and Hogeschool Leiden/CBD.

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