TechTalk: Regenerative Medicine - Nov 15

Event: TechTalk: Regenerative Medicine
Date: November 15, 2018 (15:15 - 17:30)
Location: De Stal, Darwinweg 1, 2333 CR, Leiden

For whom:
The R&D community of Leiden Bio Science Park and others interested. TechTalks are aimed at bringing the research community together across Leiden Bio Science Park, whether based in business or in academia, and others who are interested.

The LUMC human iPSC hotel: a facilitating service
Harald Mikkers, LUMC, Cell and Chemical Biology

 iPSC derived cells in drug discovery and development
Stefan Braam, CEO nCardia

Gene therapy for retinitis pigmentosa patients
Jan Wijnholds, LUMC, Ophthalmology

Vascularized organs-on-chips: next generation disease models
Valeria Orlova, LUMC, Anatomy

Organ-on-a-chip technology as a routine tool in drug discovery and development
Paul Vulto, CEO Mimetas 

TechTalks is an initiative of Leiden Bio Science Park, Luris, LUMC/Boerhaave Nascholing and Hogeschool Leiden/CBD.

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