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Brave New World
Leiden Discoveries
Deans' Challenge

MOOC Knowledge Exchange

Luris, Leiden University and LUMC now provide a free online course, Knowledge Exchange: Using, Protecting and Monetizing Ideas with Third Parties, explaining how knowledge is transferred from yourself or from a knowledge institute into society at large. This course is for those who want to know how to protect their knowledge, how to approach parties for collaboration, and how to find the right funding for your idea. It is for those who want to start thinking about how knowledge exchange might be useful in their business or academic career. It provides an introduction to one of the basics of knowledge exchange, the stakeholders involved and the most common pitfalls on your way to transform our world with your ideas! This course is available on Coursera.

Brave New World

Art, culture, philosophy, science, technology and industry come together in one event: Brave New World. It is the place to be for professionals that want to know more on what the future holds in store and which ethical questions will arise. The focus is not on the technological developments itself, but on the social and ethical impact. By asking questions, bringing forward ethical issues and looking at possible impacts of future innovations, we can prepare for the future before it is here.

Visualising the future
Brave New World is meant for CEO’s, innovation managers, policy officers, consultants, scientists, developers, artists, futurists, producers and many others involved in developing or advising on future innovations. The issues featured on the program are not only philosophical discussions, but can really inspire and incite new scientific or commercial developments, progress in policy and regulations, and bring about better cooperation between other sectors of industry.

Visit for more information about the event, the program, the location and the speakers, or to buy tickets.

Leiden Discoveries

Many extraordinary and important discoveries have taken place in Leiden. It was the basis for sixteen Nobel Prize winners. Professor Ton van Raan thought that it was a pity these amazing discoveries and their link to Leiden we’re not better known. Inspired by the city walks he did with guests from afar, he developed the Leiden Discoveries Route, comprising of 28 discoveries in a host of different fields.

Signs were placed around the city at locations linked to the discoveries. A special app was developed for mobiles, which would tell you the locations and give extra background information on the discoveries. Users can choose their own route, based on their interests and a rewarded for their effort.

Thanks to the Leiden Discoveries route an important part of the rich cultural heritage of Leiden gets the attention it deserves.

Leiden Discoveries came together with the help of the city of Leiden, Leiden University, VSBfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Leiden Bio Science Park and Luris.

Check out the Leiden Discoveries route at

The Deans’ Challenge

On August 27th, 2015 the student team 'Piece of Skill' was awarded first prize in the first ever Leiden University Deans' Challenge. The winning idea was an online platform with instructive and social challenges which will help students and alumni prepare themselves for the changing job market. Their reward was a trip to New York, where they will attend the United Nations presentation of the Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030, the follow-up to the Millennium Goals.

The Leiden University Deans' Challenge is a new competition for people to come up with creative and innovative solutions for global challenges that the Leiden deans have formulated. For the first edition the six challenges are based on the United Nations (UN) Millennium Goals, which aim to diminish poverty and social disadvantages in the world. Each Dean choses one winner who gets to present their idea to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We urge teams to use interdisciplinary teamwork to generate innovative ideas. Everybody can enter, as long one team consists of at least one student or employee of the Leiden University. In so doing, the collective brains of Leiden University contribute to making a better world.

The competition was set up by Luris and the Leiden University Center for Innovation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

Team Piece of Skill wins the Deans' Challenge: