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Platinum Metal-Based Anticancer and Antibacterial Drugs

Technology Overview

Researchers at Leiden University have developed novel palladium, platinum, and gold compounds that may be used as anticancer or antibacterial agents. A family of related ligands can be used in the formulation of the compounds, to tune solubility and activity. The compounds are very stable due to the tetradentate nature of the ligands, coupled with a tetracoordinated (d8) metal center.

While these novel compounds are both simple and cheap to synthesize, they could provide an interesting new alternative for platinum-based anticancer drugs (platinum-based drugs such as cisplatin, oxaliplatin and carboplatin already have FDA approval and are widely used). These new compounds are all the more interesting, because micromolar to nanomolar activities have been observed on cancer cell lines that are resistant to cisplatin.

However the activities are not limited to cancer therapy; applications as an antibacterial agent are also possible. The exact activities of the different compounds depend on the entire compound, while the mode of action depends critically on the nature of the metal.

Details and State of Development:

- The compounds have been synthesized and characterized.  In vitro  and  in vivo  (mouse model) experiments have been conducted that have confirmed the high potential of the compounds; in vitro  experiments have revealed the cytotoxicity of some derivatives on human cancer cell lines are among the highest ever reported in the literature, while preliminary  in vivo  experiments in a mouse model show a decrease in tumor size.


1. Cancer therapy
2. Antibacterial agent


The researchers are looking for partners to take this invention for the next stage, which would be doing experiments to confirm the biological target, fashion of action, and refine efficacy  in vivo .

Keywords: metallodrugs, bacteria, cancer, pharmaceutical industry, biotech / medical companies

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Patent status

A patent application for the platinum, palladium, and gold compounds has been filed by Leiden University.

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