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Wide Field SpectroPolarimetry

Scientists at Leiden University have invented a novel device to measure spectropolarimetry over a large field of view in one or two dimensions.

The device is free of moving parts and is suited for both earth based and space based measurements.

Measuring spectropolarimetry over large fields of view is difficult. The wide field optical elements introduce unwanted polarimetric effects. Additional and non-trivial calibration is needed and needs to be repeated, for example as the coatings on the optical elements age. Many devices also use moving parts to scan different directions making the instrument more complicated and more prone to failure.

Scientists at Leiden University's Observatory have invented a device that eliminates these limitations. Proof-of-principle has been reached and Leiden University is looking for partners to further develop a fully operational (commercial) device.

The scientists have been working on validating the technology for applications with respect to air quality monitoring. Many more applications are foreseeable and we are looking for partners that would benefit from adding (spectro) polarimetry measurements to their products. 

Key benefits

  • Highly accurate spectropolarimetric measurements
  • Wide field
  • Multi-dimensional
  • No moving parts


  • Air quality measurements
  • Any field where polarimetry measurements add value

Development stage

Proof-of-concept has been established

Luris reference number


Patent status

A patent application has been filed

Further information

Giuseppe Visimberga Knowledge Broker (LU) +31-71-527 6217 +31-6-3875 8956