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Novel approach to conjugate adjuvants to live-attenuated vaccines

Live attenuated or inactivated organisms are the most efficacious and cost-effective vaccines available. In order to decrease production costs and increase immunogenicity of these vaccines, they can be administered together with adjuvanting molecules. Adjuvants increase the potency of the vaccine. However in live attenuated vaccines, where the vaccine organism may migrate or distribute in the host, co-delivery of vaccine and adjuvant to the same immune cell is challenging.

Particularly for organisms which are naturally very low immunogenic, such as malaria parasites, the conjugation of adjuvanting molecules to the outside of the organism would be an ideal solution.

Technology Overview:
LUMC researchers have developed a novel adjuvant technology,  that amplifies the interaction of the live-attenuated (sporozoite) vaccine with the host immune system. This technology utilises supramolecular chemistry to pre-target the organism and secondly to conjugate the adjuvant and enhance the immune response. Uniquely, this technology can be applied to both wild-type and attenuated sporozoites and does not require genetic modification of the organism. It can also be used to induce or polarize an immune response at any point during the development of the pre-erythrocytic malaria parasites and/or at specific anatomical locations.

Research so far has focused on malaria. However, the developed technology is non-specific and has the potential to be used for other single-cell pathogens such as bacteria or multicellular organisms such as helminths.

These technology provides a means to enhance the immune response towards live-attenuated parasite or bacterial vaccines. The technology:

  • Is a novel approach to conjugate adjuvants to live-attenuated vaccines
  • Preserves the viability of the live vaccine organism
  • Does not require genetic modification
  • Allows for enhancement of the immune response
  • Is suitable for clinical translation.

We are looking for partner(s) for joint research, development  and clinical translation of this technology. 

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A patent application is filed.

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