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Dynamic re-usable RAMAN scattering sensor

Scientists at Leiden University have developed a novel Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) sensor which they have named SERSOR.

This SERS-based sensor allows for dynamical and re-usable measurements and can be used with standard RAMAN equipment.

Surface enhancement in RAMAN-spectroscopy has proven to greatly improve the RAMAN-signal, increasing sensitivity with several orders of magnitude. Unfortunately, until now, surface enhancement could not efficiently be integrated in most RAMAN-based sensor applications as surface enhancement technology is limited to one shot measurements due to irreversible binding of the analyte to the SERS-substrate. This makes SERS-technology not suitable for use in applications where continuous dynamic measurements are required.

Scientists at Leiden Univesity have developed SERS-based sensors that can make dynamic measurements of their environment over time. Sensors like these would be ideally suited for application in, for instance, industrial process monitoring. They can continuously monitor flows of substances (in aqueous solution) for contaminations or formed substances and upon identifying such substances, measure their concentration over time.

Furthermore, this new technology makes the SERS-substrates re-usable, which allows for calibration of experimental setups and greatly reduces the number of substrates required per experiment. This makes the new SERSOR very suitable for applications where many different molecules need to be analyzed.

Key benefits

  • Compatible with standard RAMAN-spectrometer
  • Higher sensitivity of SERS-measurements
  • Continuous dynamical measurements
  • Sensitive to broad range of analytes
  • No chemical interaction between sensor and analyte
  • Small, integratable in microfluidic devices


  • In-line detectors
  • Process monitoring
  • Medical diagnostics
  • In vivo monitoring
  • Metabolomics and other -omics

Development stage

Proof-of-principle has been obtained, further development is ongoing. We are looking for partners to put commercial products in the market

Luris reference number


Patent status

Patent applications have been filed in Europe and the US

Data available on request

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Further information

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