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Capillary transfer of single droplets

Transferring samples from one capillary to a second capillary is not straightforward. Even more so for small quantities such as droplets.

Scientists of Leiden University have developed an apparatus to transfer droplets from a first capillary to a second capillary.

For sample handling and sample pre-treatment, the sample is flowing through small tubes in many applications. At Leiden University scientists had concentrated a sample in a droplet at the end of a capillary (Anal. Chem., 2013, 85 (12), pp 5734–5739). This droplet needed to be transferred to a second capillary for further handling of the droplet (e.g. transportation to NMR).

The system developed for this purpose has been build and tested successfully. The system is fully automated and has proven to be very robust. Leiden University is seeking commercial partners to (co)develop this into commercial products. Applications can be very broad, Leiden University has concentrated its efforts towards sample handling for LC-NMR.

A working set-up is available and so are experimental data using the set-up.


Key benefits

  • Very robust
  • Fully automated


  • LC - NMR
  • LC -  EV - NMR
  • LC - SPE - NMR

Development stage

Proof of concept has been established with the working set-up in our lab

Luris reference number


Patent status

A patent application has been filed

Data available on request

Additional non-confidential data is available on request

Further information

Frits Fallaux Knowledge Broker (LU) +31-71-527 2517