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Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands. Sixteen Nobel Prize winners have been active here. Scientists from Leiden University and the LUMC work closely together with partners in society and industry. There are few places where knowledge and the power to innovate are so concentrated as they are here. 

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Service relationships, requests for expertise, long-term partnerships: scientists and research teams from Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center receive requests like these on a daily basis. Luris is the intermediary for the Leiden research landscape and connects you to the scientists who are most relevant to you. This is how we help you speed up your search and how we increase your chances of success.

Are you looking for a solution or do you want to get in touch with a particular scientist or research team? If so, contact our Knowledge Brokers and let us help you establish a steady partnership.

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The different disciplines in which researchers from Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) excel are too numerous to list. The websites of Leiden University and LUMC will guide you to the right research group for your business. If you think you have found a match to the solution you are looking for, Luris will be pleased to help you establish a fruitful interaction with the researchers. 

Not sure whether your question matches any of the fields of expertise at Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center? Feel free to contact us with any question you wish to share with the Leiden research community. If we have information on your specific needs, Luris can help you make your plans concrete.

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At Luris, we are dedicated to constantly staying informed about what is happening both in Leiden and the outside world. If you approach us with a question, our team will examine it and then distribute it to the appropriate scientists. When necessary, Luris remains involved to help streamline the-  often complex – relationships involved  so everyone is able to spend their time doing what they do best.

You can contact us with questions like:

  • Can I invest in a certain spin-off?
  • Can you help me find a solution to a problem I am currently having?
  • How can I collaborate on a research project?
  • Can you help me find access to specific knowledge?
  • How can I form a strategic alliance with an academic expert?