For industry and societal partners

Luris works at the intersection of research in Leiden and society. We act as a broker for the research and technology developed at Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center, and we create and support valuable connections between researchers and societal partners. When looking for knowledge or specific solutions, Luris is your first port of call in Leiden.

This is what we do for you

The scientific world and the ‘outside world’ often speak different languages. What Luris does is to prevent value from getting lost in translation. We create and facilitate the conditions for a promising relationship for the scientist as well as partners in society. For you as a potential partner, we help identify the technology or the research team that can help you in your quest for the right solution.

Patents and licenses of novel technology ready to be transferred are offered as partnering opportunities. Luris manages these and targets potential parties who will enable the technology or research to have the biggest possible impact on society. Have a look at the partnering opportunities right now.

Looking for a specific solution? Is there a question you can’t find the answer to? Or are you looking for the specialist who can take your innovation further? Please discuss it with one of our Business Developers.