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A recent Portuguese study showed that grant applicants that seek feedback are more likely to succeed. The Luris Grant Development team therefore continues to offer consultation hours for personal grants. Book your consultation hour now in the online agenda. 

Role of support
In April 2015 Sheila Vidal and others published a study* on the role of grant support in candidates being successful for Marie Curie grants. For a period of 3 years, they monitored the level of support given to 78 applications (without pre-selection) and their success rates at 2 Portuguese institutes. It showed that 61% of applications receiving advanced support (n=41) were successful, compared to 25% and 18.2% of applications receiving basic (n=4) and intermediate (n=33) support, respectively. This indicates that researchers that received advanced grant support are more likely to succeed. Nevertheless, this includes the possibility that researchers seeking feedback are a priori more likely to succeed, because they have better knowledge of the grant system, practice of discussing project ideas or simply dedicate more of their time to preparing the grant.

* Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education, published online 15 Apr 2015

Supporting evidence
This prompted us to perform a similar but quick and dirty test on the Leiden University laureates of the Veni round of 2015. Of the 13 LU laureates in 2015 (excluding 1 additional laureate from LUMC), 7 received support by attending the training ‘How to write an excellent research proposal’(2) or personal feedback at a ‘Veni consultation hour’ (5). Interestingly, 31% of the candidates that asked for a Veni consultation hour received the Veni, whereas the overall success rate of this round was 14%.

Consultation hours Luris
The consultation hours offer one on one support by one of our advisors to a candidate applicant for a personal grant who is going to submit an application for the upcoming deadline. There are consultation hours for the Marie Curie incoming fellowships and global felowships, Vidi, ERC StG, Veni and ERC CoG.

For the MC fellowship and Veni application the consultation hour is used to review a fully prepared application. For the Vidi and ERC grants the consultation hour serves as an intake, discussing your idea and cv, which can later on be followed by feedback on the full proposal if appreciated.

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How does it work?
1) Register for one time slot that fits in your preparation time line. Slots are filled on first come, first served basis. Other time slots are not possible due to the time limitations of the advisors. Consultation therefore also needs be limited to one hour. You can only reschedule by removing your appointment and picking a new slot that is still open. Please note that an appointment needs to be made at least 3 days in advance to allow the advisor enough time to prepare.

2) Prepare for the meeting. Minimum requirement for the consultation is that you send a cv (preferably in the format required for the grant proposal) and that you have an outline of your research plan (max 1 page). Rejected proposals are also suitable as a starting point. For the MC and Veni consultation hours, a fully prepared proposal is required.

3) Send your prepared material at least 3 days before the consultation hour to the advisor. In the confirmation e-mail, you will receive information on how to contact the appropriate advisor.

4) The advisor will read the proposal and gives oral feedback during the consultation hour. For MC fellowships you will receive written feedback.

The appointments are colour coded as follows in the agenda:

More information
For more information on these consultation hours, contact our Grant Development team