Research funding: Making sure academics in Leiden are in the know and ready to go

The number of grants is virtually endless, so it is important to aim for the ones that match your research aspirations. Luris can help you identify relevant funding opportunities and offer you advice for your proposal thereby increasing your chances substantially.

Luris frequently organises meetings and workshops about research funding. You can find more information in our Research Funding Portal or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed. Also take a look at the upcoming events page. 

If you are an academic connected to Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) contact the Directorate Research for research funding support.

The fastest access to funding from companies

Besides uncovering the complexities of grant schemes, Luris plays a large role in identifying companies that want to co-operate with academic researchers. Together with our Knowledge Brokers you will explore which partner(s) could be the ultimate match for your research goals. We want to be your guide.

We will take it further than just the initial process of the application. Acquiring funding means building partnerships. Would you like to explore the possibilities with us? Contact our Knowledge Brokers today.

Consultation hours Grant Development team

The consultation hours offer one on one support by one of our advisors to a candidate applicant for a personal grant who is going to submit an application for the upcoming deadline. There are consultation hours for the Marie Curie incoming fellowships and global felowships, Vidi, ERC StG, Veni and ERC CoG.

For the MC fellowship and Veni application the consultation hour is used to review a fully prepared application. For the Vidi and ERC grants the consultation hour serves as an intake, discussing your idea and cv, which can later on be followed by feedback on the full proposal if appreciated.

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