Legal support

Legal expertise is indispensable when you are building the different relationships that are necessary to move from research innovation  to societal impact. Luris offers legal support to the Leiden-based research teams we are involved with, and we offer research-related knowledge and legal advice to all Leiden academics.

The basis for a valuable relationship

Whether it is about starting a long-term partnership or bringing your technology or research to a third party, the relationship thrives on a legal framework that is solid and fair. Our expertise is focused on the kind of agreements that cover all the different phases of your collaboration. From sharing confidential information and material, to using an option or a license to allow a third party to assess or exploit Leiden research results and technology. We can also offer assistance if you need a legal framework to set up a research collaboration, whether it’s for joint research, for providing services and consultancy or for the conducting clinical trials. 

Is your research team facing a legal challenge right now? Contact our Legal Affairs team.


Luris provides suitable templates for sharing or receiving confidential information or material. Below are links to the templates and model agreements that are used by Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). 

1. Leiden University templates

2. Leiden University Medical Center templates:

-  CDA/NDA/Confidentiality agreement

This form template is a standard confidentiality agreement wherein two parties give each other confidential information which may only be used for a pre-defined purpose. The information is to be kept confidential (unless exempt, detailed in the agreement). It is often used by parties who want to investigate whether a closer relationship/project/collaboration is a good idea.

   -  MTA/Material Transfer Agreement

This form template is used for providing or receiving material for academic research. It is usually used to grant access to materials which are proprietary or unique. It is not suitable for providing material on a commercial basis as it restricts the recipient in what the material is used for and by whom. The provisions in this template agreement are also suitable if LUMC is the recipient of material.

If you would like to know more about whether these templates meet your requirements, please contact one of our legal counsels. Luris also organises courses for both academics and supporting staff from Leiden University and LUMC, so make sure to visit our upcoming events page regularly.