Working with third parties

As an academic, you often have to work with external parties. Luris can rely on its solid network to find the right partners from other scientific disciplines and non-scientific organizations for you to work with. And we know how to connect you to each other.

Find strategic partners who help you advance

Your research has a clear purpose. What is less clear, though, is which external parties are the best match for your business opportunity. It’s important to figure that out at an early stage, because these are the partners you will work with for years. How do you decide which partners are the best match for you? How do you approach them, and how do you get from that first cup of coffee to actually collaborating with them? 

Take a look at the meetings Luris organizes for researchers from Leiden University and the LUMC. Not only will you gain valuable insights to help you build collaborative relationships: there is always an opportunity to talk to external parties who may be interested in what you are doing.

Get in touch with Luris early on

Unique research opportunities, indispensable knowledge partners, the ability to work within the context of your research: all of this only comes about through strategic partnerships.

If the partnerships in your research are in their early stages or still at the very start, we’d like to meet you. If guidance from Luris turns out to be the right solution, then we can open up a large network of partners and contacts for you. Our Business Developers are open for business. 


Regulations about working with third parties

When Leiden University academics are considering working for and with third parties, there are regulations and a Policy of Conflict of Interest available to provide a framework within which services provided by Leiden University together with third parties (“working for or with external parties”) are to take place.

This framework is determined by:
* solid organisational and legal safeguards
* a realistic economic level
* adequate risk management
* the protection of intellectual property
* academic integrity

These regulations are binding for all staff of Leiden University, including those who have been granted the status of guest lecturer, staff hired on a contract basis, as well as students working at Leiden University.

Regulations Working for third parties (ENG)
Instructie Werken voor derden (NL)