Introduction into life science Entrepreneurship for academics

In an increasingly interconnected world, academics can act on opportunities for innovation much faster than before. In three interactive morning sessions of 4 hours, this course helps you turn scientific advancements into meaningful initiatives; creating both academic and business value.

The aim of this course is to get a better understanding of the process of knowledge transfer and approaches on setting-up academic ventures. Participants are introduced to techniques that can be used to create societal value through academic research projects. Through a variety of readings, in class-exercises, case discussions, participants learn more about entrepreneurship. Participants will become more familiar with business analysis, knowledge transfer, legal frameworks and prototyping methodologies. During case study discussions, participants will gain insight in best practices, barriers and insightful failures. Both academics and practitioners will provide theoretical models and case studies in an interactive manner.

Learning objectives

After attending the course academic entrepreneurship participants are able to:

  • Discuss legal implications, barriers and opportunities for academic knowledge transfer;
  • Analyse a societal challenge and assess the relevance of research project;
  • Describe business analysis, learn start-up and prototyping methodologies;
  • Have an understanding of an early product market fit for an academic venture;
  • Assess investment potential and discuss financial considerations for academic ventures.

Teaching staff
Ivo de Nooijer (Luris); Raffi Balder (HUBspot) &  Bart Hoenen (Area071/Luris); Rob Mayfield (Luris)

This course is taught once a year (approximately around November). Check out our events page regularly for more information about enrollment.

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