Leiden University Request for Approval

Leiden University Request for Approval (RfA) procedure

Researchers who are planning a research project often need to have specific contracts or legal documents approved and signed. These could be, for example, confidentiality agreements or contracts for sharing data or material, or (more frequently) documents that are needed when applying for grants, such as a declaration of intent or a declaration of honour.

It is important that both the researchers themselves and the research support professionals who assist them know what steps they must take to have these research-related contracts and grant documents approved and signed – and who should be contacted for this. To make this process more efficient, it was recently revised and simplified. A visual representation of this new procedure within Leiden University has also been developed, in the form of a handy flowchart

For each type of document, the flowchart clearly shows:

* which research-related contracts and grant documents require legal evaluation;

* which approvals must be obtained (using the Request for Approval form);

* who is permitted to sign, according to the applicable Mandate Regulations.

Please note that not possible to save the RfA in the Tool when it is not yet finished. You will need to process it in one go.