Luris Contract Tool

Welcome to the Luris Contract Tool

The Luris Contract Tool enables you to easily create and archive legal documents in less than fifteen minutes. The tool can be used to create contracts to share or receive confidential information (CDA) and/or material (MTA), a Consultancy Agreement, or (LU only) a Request for Approval form (RfA).  These documents are available for both Leiden University staff and LUMC staff. Please log in below to start creating. 

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User Instructions

  1. Log in,
  2. Select the type of contract or form your project requires,
  3. Go through all the questions of the relevant model,
  4. After accepting the user conditions, the document will be sent to your inbox in Word format,
  5. Send the contract to the counterparty.
    * If the counterparty accepts the contract, you can have it signed according to the applicable mandate regulations.
    * If the counterparty doesn't accepts the contract, please contact the Luris legals via:
    for LUMC research:,
    for LU research:,
  6. Make sure to always send the signed copy of the contract back to Luris, via:
    for LUMC research:,
    for LU research:

Important Information

Please be informed that you can always interrupt a session at any time and return at a later date. Also, you can modify and reuse previously created documents.

Do you have any questions or comments while creating your contract? . Luris is glad to be of assistance. Please contact us via:
for LUMC research:,
for LU research:

What type of contract do I need?

Are you uncertain as to which type of document you require? We have developed a model which will guide you to the right document through a series of questions. 

What contract do I need?