About us

Knowledge Exchange Office 

By matching societal needs with possibilities available in Leiden, we enhance the impact of novel technologies and knowledge from Leiden University, Leiden University Medical Center and related science clusters. We establish valuable partnerships and represent the interests of academics and research teams. 

Interested in connections and partnerships that were established in 2017? Read our Annual Report 2017 on our Publications page.

For academics - Generate more research opportunities

For many academics, having an impact on society with their work is an important goal. Luris supports these academics by creating essential connections with societal partners, streamlining interactions and transactions both strategically and legally, and making valuable knowledge available to everyone within Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center.

For industry and societal partners - Improve your successes with Leiden knowledge

For industry and societal partners, Luris serves as the gateway to Leiden’s very best. By working as the vital link between the academic and the partner and by capitalizing on our experience with these interactions and transactions, we increase your chances of success. 

Open research - Open innovation

Leiden’s high-quality knowledge only contributes to innovation when companies and other partners apply it; only then can value be created. This is more likely to happen when knowledge development and knowledge exchange are directed towards societal relevance in an early stage. Luris is organized based on that idea. Our purpose is on the one hand to commercialize research, and to create more fruitful research partnerships on the other.

Besides the primary process of valorization and fostering partnerships between scientists and partners in society, Luris encourages entrepreneurship among all Leiden academics – from students to high-profile researchers. In-depth knowledge sharing is a means to achieve this.