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Luris to move into HUBspot building

This year Luris will move into the HUBspot building on Langegracht 70. This is mentioned in a Leiden University news item.The new centre for innovation and entrepreneurship will be a regional nerve centre that offers support and a strong network for promising entrepreneurs. "Lugus, the  pre-incubator for Leiden students who are toying with an idea for a business, will also be housed in the building. With these moves, the valorisation functions will be concentrated in one spot, so as to promote greater synergy between the different groups."
Read the enitire news item here

HUBspot chosen as name for the Leiden centre for innovation and entrepreneurship

The Leiden centre for innovation and entrepreneurship is called HUBspot, That is the winning entry of the competition 'Name the centre' that was set up by the initiators of the centre, Leiden University, City of Leiden and Leiden University of Applied Sciences. The name was sent in by Renée Schmidt, who has won six months of free office space in HUBspot. Besides a new name, the centre also has a new director: Raffi Balder. She is the successor of Arnoud Jullens. Read more about HUBspot and Raffi Balder here.


Join the competition and win: ‘Name the centre’!

--> Update: March 1 - Competition closed!
Many thanks to all of you who participated in the competition and submitted a name for the new Leiden centre for innovation and entrepreneurship. The winning entry will be announced in the coming weeks. <--

The heart of the city of Leiden is about to get a big extra impulse with the opening of a centre for innovation and entrepreneurship that is currently being set up. It will be the place for business, academia, students and start-ups to get together, get inspired and share visions and ambitions.  The centre will also host organisations that help the visitors get the most out of their collaborations. A place to meet, to learn and a place to do.

Get involved with the centre head-on: come up with a great name for it! The winning entry will be rewarded with a free workspace in the centre for six months.

More information about the new Leiden centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Luris director Ivo de Nooijer calls on students, entrepreneurs, academics, teachers and all others who want to make a difference to get involved with the new Leiden centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.

(February 17)

Luris presents: walk-in consultation sessions at the Science Faculty

(January 28)

Contacting the University knowledge exchange office Luris has never been easier: Luris is organising walk-in consultation sessions twice a week in room HB112B at the Science Faculty.

The sessions are meant for all researchers and all research support staff. For example useful for those who:
- have questions about a research grant application they are preparing or writing,
- seek advice, or a discussion/sparring partner on how to fund new research projects,
- need partnering, funding or legal advice with respect to collaborating with (commercial) partners.

Session dates: every Thursday and Friday
Time: from 11.00 – 14.00 hrs
Location: HB112B (in  the main hallway of the Gorlaeus on the first floor)
Expert present: Jorrit Kelder/Anke Klerkx (Grant Development), or Art Bos/Frits Fallaux (Knowledge Partnering)
For whom: all researchers and  research support staff

There is no need to register. Feel free to simply stop by. The walk-in sessions complement the regular services that Luris offers. So if you are not able to come to a walk-in session you can always contact Luris directly via e-mail or telephone.

Luris' Stefan de Jong investigated how researchers develop knowledge with and for society. "Researchers often fail to recognize the contributions they and their fellows make."

(September 2)

Luris' Knowledge Broker Stefan de Jong investigated the way in which researchers create impact with their work and knowledge. An important conclusion: Many do not know what valorisation actually entails and therefore do not know how they can contribute to society.

The problem is not a lack of motivation on the researchers' side. De Jong assesses that there is an information gap between the researchers and the governmental vision on valorisation. “Personal motivation among researchers is high, but there is a lot of confusion about practical issues: what exactly needs to be done, how can we organise this and how can we evaluate the valorisation actions that have been taken?" He sees a big task for NWO, KNAW and university boards in helping researchers to create strategies about impact and outreach for academics.

De Jong conducted the research for his PhD dissertation at the Rathenau Institute. He will be defending his findings on September 10.

Read more on the Leiden University website. 

Together with Leonie van Drooge (Rathenau Institute), De Jong set up a website with practical information about the topic.


Team 'Piece of Skill' wins the Leiden University Deans' Challenge

(August 27)

The student team 'Piece of Skill' has been awarded first prize in the Leiden University Deans' Challenge. Their idea for an online platform with instructive and social challenges which will help students and alumni to prepare themselves for the changing job market, stole the show at the finale which was held on Thursday August 27.

The Deans' Challenge is a competition for students to come up with creative and innovative solutions for global challenges that the Leiden deans had formulated. The six challenges were based on the United Nations (UN) Millennium Goals, ambitions set by the UN member states in order to diminish poverty and social disadvantages in the world. The challenge that Piece of Skill had taken up was set by Professor Hannah Swaab, dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: 'How to design 21st century skills in higher education?'.

Piece of Skill was one of six student teams who joined the Deans' Challenge. They have won a trip to New York. There they will attend the United Nations presentation of the Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030, the follow-up to the Millennnium Goals.

It is the first time that Leiden University has organised the Deans' Challenge. The competition was set up by the Leiden University Center for Innovation and Luris, in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Read the Leiden University news article here.

Register now for your personal grant consultation hour with a Luris grant advisor

(August 17)

A recent Portuguese study showed that grant applicants that seek feedback are more likely to succeed. The Luris Grant Development team therefore offers consultation hours for personal grants. Book a consultation hour in the online calendar now.

The consultation hours offer one on one support by one of our advisors to a candidate applicant for a personal grant who is going to submit an application for the upcoming deadline. There are consultation hours for:
* Marie Curie incoming and global fellowships (deadline: 10 Sept 2015),
* Vidi (1 Oct 2015),
* ERC StG (17 Nov 2015),
* Veni (Jan 2016), and
* ERC CoG (2 Feb 2016).

For the Marie Curie fellowship and Veni application, the consultation hour is used to review a fully prepared application. For the Vidi and ERC grants the consultation hour serves as an intake, discussing your idea and cv, which can be followed up by feedback on the full proposal if appreciated.

Arnoud Jullens to be director of the new Leiden Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

(June 18, 2015)

Luris' Arnoud Jullens will be the director of the new Leiden Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (LCIE) as per September 1. The centre will be the hub where various regional activities with regard to education and entrepreneurship come together. One of the aims is to have the LCIE be a place of inspiration and interaction where people meet peers, investors and potential partners, so ideas can take shape and develop into successful innovations. Through its activities, the centre will strengthen the knowledge-based economy in the region.

Education and start-ups
Room is allocated for lecture halls so students, alumni and others who are specialising in starting a business can be offered courses and educational programmes. Entrepreneurs involved in start-ups can rent work space. Also, the centre will house several Leiden organisations  that are committed to promoting and developing innovation and entrepreneurship in the region, like student association Lugus and Leiden University knowledge exchange office Luris.

More details about the centre’s activities and location will follow as soon as Arnoud Jullens has finalised the project’s blueprint in a few months’ time. His preference is for the centre to be located in the city centre.

Jullens is currently Head of Entrepreneurship at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London. He will be Head of Entrepreneurship at Luris per September 1.

More information including an interview with Arnoud Jullens can be found in the Economie071 newsletter.


Luris' Jorrit Kelder invited as Guest Scholar at the Getty Research Institute

(June 16, 2016)

Senior Research Grant Adviser at Luris Jorrit Kelder has been invited to become Guest Scholar in a major research programme at the Getty Research Institute, exploring the relations between the Greek / Roman world and Egypt from the Bronze Age to Late Roman Times. 

Getty Scholar Grants are for established scholars, or writers who have attained distinction in their fields. Kelder has published extensively on the Mycenaean world, connections between Late Bronze Age Greece and the Ancient Near East, and on Egyptian Archaeology. Jorrit Kelder studied Archaeology and did his PhD in Amsterdam. He is also an associate at the Oriental Institute in Oxford. During his scholarschip Jorrit will reside at the Getty Villa.  

Trade and Diplomacy Between Greece and Egypt
Kelder's research project 'From Mycenae to Memphis: Late Bronze Age Trade and Diplomacy Between Greece and Egypt' focuses on the nature of Greek relations with Egypt during the Late Bronze Age (ca. 1600-1200 BC). This was a period of extraordinary intense contact, not only in the context of trade (in, e.g. metals such as copper or silver, or perfumed olive oil), but probably also as a result of diplomatic ties between the rulers of Mycenae –a citadel in the eastern Peloponnese- and the Pharaohs of Egypt. By combining contemporary (Egyptian and Mycenaean Greek) texts, and archaeological evidence, this project aims to explain why Mycenae and Egypt appear to have engaged in such intense contact, why these connections were severed in ca. 1200 BC and only revived centuries later.

More information about the programmes at Getty Research Institute

Read about Jorrit Kelder's research project on Academia.edu

Quotes from Jorrit Kelder in the Times


The Leiden University Deans' Challenge is live!
(May 13, 2015)

Leiden University challenges students to create global impact In a rapidly interconnected world, the challenges faced by anyone become the challenges faced by each of us. How can the collective brains of Leiden University contribute to making a better world? The deans of Leiden University challenge students to come up with fresh and novel ideas that contribute to the attainment of the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

Discover the challenges that the deans have conceived, join a team during the workshops and device a solution. Each dean will choose one winning team who will get the opportunity to present their idea to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first prize will be a trip to New York to attend an event of the United Nations Summit on the post-2015 development agenda.

Join the competition
Anyone who's passionate about contributing to global challenges is welcome to join the Leiden University Deans' Challenge. Do you have a creative mind, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a vision to solve the most pressing issues of our time? Don't hesitate and join the competition. Find more information on www.leidendeanschallenge.nl or send an e-mail to info@deanschallenge.nl.

The Leiden University Deans’ Challenge is an initiative of Leiden University's Centre for Innovation and Luris, with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Luris to award the Luris Audience Award during the Science Meets Business Plan Competition  on May 21st

The Science meets Business Plan Competition is an event where start-up entrepreneurs can win up to €1000 with an excellent pitch of their business plan. Luris will give out the Luris Audience Award. This first ever science-based business pitch event is hosted by Leiden student entrepreneurs association LugusRead more.


Collaboration between Leiden University Medical Center and United Arab Emirates on new diabetes research centres
(April 29, 2015)

Leiden University Medical Center has agreed to collaborate with Royal Capital Healthcare from Dubai in order to improve diabetes care in the Gulf region. 

Read more (Dutch)