New Luris publication: 'Aspects of Globalisation' 

Luris proudly presents the publication Aspects of Globalisation - Mobility, exchange and the development of multi-cultural states. The booklet features novel Leiden-based research on various aspects of globalisation, such as (ancient) migrations, multi-lingualism, multi-cultural states, trade routes and the spread of faiths.

Leiden University has an international - indeed, a global - reputation for excellent research in the Humanities. In  'Aspects of Globalisation' some of the University’s most promising scholars in the Humanities present their research into various aspects of the 'entangled' world. 

Connectivity, entangled worlds, globalisation. These are buzzwords that have dominated political and academic discourse over the past decade. But they matter, because they provide us with a framework to better conceptualise the ways in which societies are shaped, how they rise and fall, change and endure. On behalf of Leiden University, Luris hopes the studies presented in this publication may inspire the reader to rethink aspects of our own society. Aspects that strike us as familiar and ‘modern’, but that are as ancient as human society itself.

The booklet will be distributed at the Leiden University Dies Natalis on February 8 and will be made available to a wide audience. 


Luris’ Stefan de Jong awarded with Rubicon grant for research on university valorisation policies

January 19

Grant Advisor Stefan de Jong has been awarded a Rubicon grant for his research on the effects of university valorisation policies on the impact of academics. Many academics consider engagement with and impact on other individuals, groups and organisations in society inherent to their profession. Nevertheless, in recent decades governments, research funders and universities have introduced policies to increase impact of academics on society. Effects of these policies on research are well documented. Surprisingly, effects on impact itself have thus far received little attention. This project for the first time addresses this issue within the context of universities by answering the research question ‘how do internal impact policies affect societal engagement of academics?’.

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