Research funding: Making sure academics in Leiden are in the know and ready to go

To increase the chances of Leiden University research teams in Leiden, Luris offers advice on the various research funding possibilities of the moment. As the number of grants is virtually endless, it’s important to aim for the ones that match your research aspirations. Luris can help you to identify relevant funding opportunities and offer you a variety of advice for your proposal.

Luris frequently organizes meetings and workshops about the attractive funding possibilities of the moment. More information can be found in our Research Funding Portal or sign up for our newsletter to be informed timely and have a look at upcoming events

If you are an academic connected to Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) contact the Directorate Research for research funding support.

The fastest access to funding from companies

Besides uncovering the complexities of grant schemes, Luris plays a large role in identifying companies that want to cooperate with academic researches. Together with you, our Knowledge Brokers explore which partner(s) can be the ultimate match for your research goals. We would love to be your guide.

We take it a little further than just the initial process of the application. Getting funding is a form of building collaborations.  Wish to explore the possibilities with us? Get in touch: contact our Knowledge Brokers.