LUMC templates and model agreements

CDA/NDA/Confidentiality agreement
This form template is a standard confidentiality agreement wherein two parties give each other confidential information which may only be used for a pre-defined purpose. The information is to be kept confidential (unless exempt, detailed in the agreement). It is often used by parties who want to investigate whether a closer relationship/project/collaboration is a good idea.

MTA/Material Transfer Agreement

This form template is used for providing or receiving material for academic research. It is usually used to grant access to materials which are proprietary or unique. It is not suitable for providing material on a commercial basis as it restricts the recipient in what the material is used for and by whom. The provisions in this template agreement are also suitable if LUMC is the recipient of material.

If these templates do not meet your requirements or if you have questions, please contact the Luris legal counsels.